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Address: 105 Webster Street, No. 7, Hanover, MA 02339 (Directions: take exit 13 off Route 3 and go east to intersection of routes 123 and 53. Turn left on Rte. 53 and right into Webster Place condominiums). Appointments also available in Sandwich at Tupper Road and Route 6A.

Areas served: Southeastern Massachusetts attorney serving Plymouth, Norfolk, Bristol, Barnstable, and Dukes counties.

Massachusetts Attorney Jeanne E. MacLaren has 21 years of experience as a Massachusetts attorney specializing in divorce and family law. She also has a well-established reputation for getting the job done. If the divorcing couple cannot agree, she will shepherd the case through the court system and will mount a strong defense of her client’s interests. But she much prefers to resolve cases short of that point by reaching an agreement between the parties, recognizing that besides saving time and money, this tends to reduce long-term friction and to provide the best solution. As your attorney she will be there to help you and will apply her well-honed skills to that end.

Family Law Practice (Massachusetts Family Law): Attorney MacLaren has broad experience in divorce and many other areas of family law. Her divorce work naturally includes matters relating to separation, alimony, marital property division, child custody, parenting plans, visitation, contempt actions, and modifications.

Areas of Practice (Consumer Bankruptcy Law, Federal): Attorney MacLaren has advocated for bankruptcy petitioners since 2006. Debt relief requires quick, consolidated action and extensive documentation. Once you decide whether to file under Chapter 7 (clean release of debts) or Chapter 13 (reorganization of debts with payments for 3-5 years) and proceed, your utilities keep operating or a foreclosure stops and your return to good credit begins. A free half-hour consultation is available for exploring workable debt relief options.

Massachusetts Family Law and Divorce Mediation: Many couples ready for divorce choose mediation rather than the more adversarial divorce procedure employing two attorneysóbecause mediation is simpler and less expensive. At heart, mediation is a structured negotiation designed to help clients reach an informed agreement with the assistance of a single neutral mediator. Attorney MacLaren, a mediator with 20-plus years of divorce experience, is well-qualified to guide this process and to help her clients reach sound agreements.

Appointments: Call ahead (781-871-3663) to schedule an appointment. An initial one-hour divorce consultation, with working papers in hand, is $200.00. Brief telephone consultations relating to family law matters, including both standard divorce procedures and divorce mediation, are provided free of charge.